2012: the Mayan Calendar comes to an end, the economic crisis has its heyday, the music industry is in the middle of nowhere and except for our teeth, we have nothing to lose. In the year of our downfall, Felix Kubin launches his 7" label, APOLKALYPSO.
A label where spontaneity, experimentation and songs to go are prescription. These qualities were the original foundation for which a Single stood, before they where sequestrated by Format fetishists. In spite of the re-release craze, APOLKALYPSO will release only new works and will lead the New World frontier with anti-hits.

While everybody else is looking for abjection and dividends, the Apolkalypters don't tread but rave to a 9/4 tact into the endless night. Poets, brain stormers, and climate changers make up for their lack in play and studio technique thru cunning artfulness and aesthetic.

APOLKALYPSO unlocks the unknown and yet every song is a leap in the dark. Nothing is true and everything is permitted.

All singles appear in a limited edition of a 100 copies with a transparent plastic screen-print cover and individually designed inlays by the artists themselves.

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