Artist: Jimi Tenor
Format: 7"
Catalog: APO9
Release Date: 1.7.2018
Order: stora

We are tempted to say Jimi Tenor is back but how could we? The energy oddball never left the Weltbühne! On the contrary, he whirls ideas around his tongue and flings them at our eyeballs faster than a chameleon could sneeze. This fair Finn keeps on experimenting with all forms of club, jazz, free form and soft porn – pardon: soft focus! – and he molds our moods with craft and cunning! So, my folks and foxes, lend an ear to this wavey new dance dribbler „Jade Rabbit“, a track jiving in two versions so similar to each other that even the pressing plant mixed up the labels. „Tell us more!“, I hear you chanting and I will respond only for once: Jimi created a 12-tone melody impossible to hum along with but catchy like a splintered lyre that puts your head on fire! With Casio beats and desperate vocals, he indeed IS BACK on Apolkalypso!

One side: Jade Rabbit (3:43)
Other side: Jade Rabbit (version) (3:31)