A lot can be said about Hamburg artist and musician Arnd Kai Klosowski. Not only that he is a photographer, a goldsmith and an interior designer, but also that he's one of the true pioneers in sampling machines. Experimenting with loops since his teenage years, A.K.Klosowski took a further step in 1982 when, entrusting the position of the artist to the DJ, he built a mixing desk with eight inputs, aiming to combine recorded and live music, which could be turned on and off at one´s pleasure during a live performance. Soon after he invented and built his Kassetteninstrument with the help of computer freak Werner Lambertz, one of the first examples of (analog) sampling machines. Since then, A.K.Klosowski engaged in several performances during the 80´s, including the release of the LP "Hometaping is Killing Music" together with Pyrolator (Ata Tak / 1985). Embodying the elegance of the romantic myth of man and machine, Klosowski and his device never separated.