Max Goldt is a writer and musician based in Berlin who started releasing his first albums in the beginning of the 1980s. His band Foyer des Arts (together with Gerd Pasemann) had a big hit during the period of the Neue Deutsche Welle in Germany and stood for intelligent pop music with poetic intellectual lyrics. At the same time, Max produced more experimental solo records with a 4-track recorder and his self-invented rubbermind method:

„I didn't use any electronics [in my early works] because I didn't like the synthesizers I could have afforded at that time. I basically used an acoustic guitar and a zither which I prepared with wooden and metallic objects, papers and textiles. Instead of plucking the chords I hammered on them.“ (Goldt)

Since the 1990s, independent labels like Fünfundvierzig and Hidden Records put out a remarkable amount of Max Goldt albums with tracks taken from his huge archive of self-produced oddities. The Japanese Captain Trip label released a compilation of his instrumentals in 1999.

In Germany, Max Goldt is famous for his humourous, absurd writing. Only few people know about his multitrack tape music which easily matches the idiosyncratic originality of German artists like Holger Hiller, Frieder Butzmann or Wolfgang Müller.

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