Puyo Puyo says: " I was a teenage werewolf,
I was mad,
I lived in a parallel world,
I was a grave digger.

I will die in 2054,
before that I will achieve a Japan tour celebrating 50 years of Puyo music making.
At this time I will have made over 32 albums, 17 EP, several singles and have many tracks in much compilations. It would have been 21 years that I refused any interviews and appearances on TV.

Today we are the 24th of februar 2004 and for the moment, I released two records and made 7 concerts, and thank you my Lord, no chance to be on TV.
But, as someone famous said one time, auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen (even dwarves started small).

Thanks to Felix Kubin I am a new trick item,
and thanks to Hikaru Tsunematsu, I am little in Japan ! "