Jürgen Hall aka Gunter Adler

Born and raised in Aachen, Germany. At the age of 17 he starts experimenting with synthetically produced sounds (Commodore 64, all data lost). Moves to Hamburg and plays guitar in a group called LEECH whilst studying physics, philosophy and art history. From 1992 to 96 he works under the nome de plume ANUBIS (see Stora Compilation from 1993). Works out his first sound installations and in 1998 co-founds the GROENLAND ORCHESTER with Reznicek. Makes his living from working as a sound engineer, programmer, museum attendant and moped thief. Invents his alter ego GUNTER ADLER and releases his solo debut on Staubgold.

Additionally works on animation film and film scores. Toured continuously with Groenland Orchester and solo as Gunter Adler and teams up in the duo-improv group AUGSBURGER TAFELCONFECT with Sebastian Reier since 2002. The same year he releases a split album with Klangkrieg, again on Staubgold. His next record "Minutemusic" is released by the polish Mik.Musik label [run by Wojt3k from Retro*Sex*Galaxy] in 2003. Since October 2003 he is running a net label for exquisite electronic music called plakatif.net