Ergo Phizmiz is a true jewel in the sewers of the mind. His activities span over a wide array of forms ranging from sound installations to radio plays, plunderphonics, neo-classicism, household abstract pop, opera, deranged chanson and experimental collage. He hosts the popular weekly radio show "Phuj Phactory" on New York's WFMU and breeds a conceptual podcast series called "Codpaste" in collaboration with his friend Vicki Bennett a.k.a. People Like Us. Recently, they put out a charming collaboration on Soleilmoon entitled "Perpetuum Mobile".

Rumour has it that Phizmiz is able to play every existing instrument and its toy model respectively. His sleepless networking, musicality and humour have gained him many undercover fans all over the world who would immediately start a revolution of green elephants with him if it was about time.