ECHOKRANK (DE) is a duo infernale from Berlin consisting of Brezel Göring and a man called "Hotleg" who create a similarly crude and impulsive blend of Dub, Breaking Glass, Tempo, New Wave, action film soundtrack and 50s Musique Conrète. The mixing ratio holds a dodgy glamour.

ECHOKRANK shine a light on the ugly side of the entertainment industry, getting moody people in the mood. The declared goal of this music is to bring chaos to order. It is an official tribute to the irregular, the classic freakout: sound tremors don't rebel against the lack of innovation but against the audio events themselves. If it's true that today's defects will be tomorrow's successes, then these are the defective hotshots of tomorrow. Always too much and never enough, going over the top, no matter how far, reducing to the max: these foundations make or break the whole affaire.
ECHOKRANK raise ambiguity to an art form. Their songs meander, and consciously induced no-win-situations arise based on the understanding that nothing is more senseless than economic competition and the bourgeois inclination to conformity. We become witnesses to an unstable whole which could perish at any time. Anti-music and gliding tones pass the deformed musical key from hand to hand, unlocking the floodgates to an inferno of irresponsibility. The band seems to be contented: "At least this keeps the idiots away from us". 

And what remains? – our hearing suffered.
Listening is a matter of attitude.