Artist: Felix Kubin mit Mitch & Mitch
Title: Bakterien & Batterien
Label: Gagarin/Lado ABC
Format: 12" LP/CD
Catalog: gr2030/a12
Release Date: December 2013 (LP+CD)
Order: stora (LP)

In autumn 2013, Hamburg's formaldehyd electronaut Felix Kubin and the ominous ninepiece Warsaw orchestra Mitch & Mitch joined forces to produce an avant-pop-backwards-jazz-library-record. Inspired by the work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Polish and Czech film soundtracks, easy listening, musique concrète and various other bizarre style icons, they invited German producer legend Tobias Levin to be their electric conduit. With their faces turned to the dark side of the moon and their hearts charged with the alluring moods of Gesamtkunstwerk, they finally came up with a brilliant mix of film music, Kaputte Jazz and Entartete Rhythmik. The wondrous result is documented on Lado ABC (CD) and Gagarin Records (vinyl). Science's litmus paper says: yes, my koleżanka. At the end of January 2014 this X-ray big band will play concerts in several cities of Europe as a 10-person combo, supported by a sophisticated selection of instruments.

Produced by Tobias Levin, Felix Kubin & Mitchiz


1 Horizontal Rain 
2 Syncopated Secretaries 
3 Creeper 
4 Narzissmus & Musik 
5 The tired hands of M. Curie 

6 Dead Face 
7 Boj sie Boogie 
8 Schnürsenkel 
9 Bakterien & Batterien 
10 Too much light, too many suns

Freq (UK) January 2014
PopUp Music (PL) January 2014
Kindamuzik (NL) December 2013