Artist: Various
Title: Psykoscifipoppia
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: gr2003
Release Date: 1999
Order: sold out

Manic-hysteric compilation featuring 5 groups/artists from Hamburg and Berlin. The whole LP is divided in 5 parts. Electric Helgoland start with 8 genius minimalistic pieces that were programmed on a Finnish impulse tracker sequence device. Brezel Göring, also known as the noise maker of the Berlin based pop group Stereo Total, created a kind of electro punk dealing with subjects like dentists and hijacking. Felix Kubin composed Noise Disko and Insect Swing, Max Kleyderstorm, his criminal brother, hit the wired kitchen poodle, while the Groenlandorchester (notorious Reznicek and physicist Jyrgen Hall) documented the smell of Triangulars and the melting of the Polar Ice.

The LP was also released on CD by Flenix (J), the label of Koji Tano who unfortunately left this planet at a much too young age.


Electric Helgoland:

1 Nic-Fit
2 Flip and Pollywoggle
3 Pay while you wait
4 Quickstep
5 Chico (V.T.O.L.)
6 Vertical Limbo
7 Sylvia Seyen 
8 Sunset for Kitty

Brezel Göring:

9 Chez le dentiste
10 They are coming to take me away, haha
11 Willst du ein Geheimnis wissen?
12 Megaflittchen

Felix Kubin:

13 Disco Brouillage
14 Babelfisch Swing Ballet

Max Kleyderstorm:

15 Kacheldackel
16 Rückwrtz


17 Plaka
18 Dreiecke
19 Little P.

Spex (DE) August 1999
Stadtmagazin City (AT) November 1999
Vital Weekly (NL) December 1999