Artist: Spiders On Phasing
Title: The Scorpions Studio Outtakes 1-6, 7-15
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: gr2005
Release Date: January 2001
Order: sold out

Whatever happened to the Scorpions when they started experimenting with electronic music?

This album contains imagined studio outtakes of the famous rock band documenting their unsuccessful forray into the realm of electronic music. Most of these tracks can rather be called studies than songs. The stylistic range includes experiments with drum computers, noises and tape manipulation as well as uneasy pop songs with dismal lyrics.

Side A starts with outtake 6 and offers 10 short tracks ranging from clickclack disko to Dr. Phibes protone music and noise collages. Side B contains deranged German singing accompanied by psychedelic automatic rhythm accompaniments.

Whatever you thought the Scorpions sounded like when they went electronic – you will be proved wrong.


1 Studio Outtake 1
2 Studio Outtake 2
3 Studio Outtake 3
4 Studio Outtake 4
5 Studio Outtake 5
6 Studio Outtake 6

7 Studio Outtake 7
8 Studio Outtake 8
9 Studio Outtake 9
10 Studio Outtake 10
11 Studio Outtake 11
12 Studio Outtake 12
13 Studio Outtake 13
14 Studio Outtake 14
15 Studio Outtake 15