Artist: Max Turner & Moonbuggy
Title: Matchbox Jump & Jeep Beats
Format: 12" EP
Catalog: gr2006
Release Date: 2001
Order: sold out

Matchbox Jump & Jeep Beats presents futuristic racecar Hip-Hop featuring the puppetmaster of weirdness and words, the fusion of confusion himself: Max Turner. With astounding sounds and mixes from Moonbuggy, Patric C, Bomb20, Schneider TM and Felix Kubin.


1 Moonbuggy - Maxbotch
2 Felix Kubin - Trigblotch

3 Schneider TM - Pluglodge
4 Patric C - Ragbot
5 Bomb 20 - Fort Knox

Baked Goods (UK) 2001