Artist: Retro * Sex * Galaxy
Title: Entertaining Physics
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: gr2008
Release Date: 2003
Order: stora

Poland's mik.musik agent Wojt3k Kucharczyk bugged his robotron family. 

"Entertaining Physics" is a poetic and secretful electroacoustic work that sounds like a gathering of digital clocks in the waiting room of an abandoned building. Mechanical ants are crawling over piles of paper next to protesting copy machines and sadly shaking faxes. Quiet industrial diseases spread in the attic and the doors clap in a-synchronicity. In between, interplanetary melodies are humming in retired telephones. 

All 14 tracks of this record are dedicated to physical phenomena. Rythms and sounds collaps and re-construct themselves in a constant modus of transformation and self-reflection.


1 Frontcover
2 Do Rays of Cold exist?
3 How does a microscope magnify?
4 Is it easy to smash an eggshell?
5 Improved Funnel
6 Off-center Hole in Vinyl LP
7 The Fox and the Compasses

8 Useful illusions for tailors
9 For whom the newspaper appears twice daily
10 Pinned needles and other optical illusions
11 Voice instead of tape measure
12 Loop of time
13 How to precisely measure weight with an inaccurate balance
14 Backcover

Sound Projector (UK) September 2011