Artist: Candie Hank
Title: Kimouchi
Format: 12" EP
Catalog: gr2009
Release Date: 2003
Order: stora

"Kimouchi" by Candie Hank, Berlins finest glamour noise agent of fast rhythms and cut-ups, also known as Flex Bustermann, Patric Catani and E de Cologne. His demented bats and dismantled beats crash through the door. On his first Gagarin release Candie serves sweets with a haunting aroma. Melodies, noises, high-speed disko, electronic surf punk and schizophrenic ragga jump off the roof. Felix Kubin couldn´t deny to release the Candie Hank stuff and even called it a ´landmark´. Candie Hank calls it Lubricant Sleazecore. Swallow his sweets and get a pain in your telly! Bruitisme d'amour! Hahahahaha (fades out in sinister reverberation)...


1 Kimouchi
2 Make the night shine
3 Pop the fluid
4 All the sunshine was wrong (feat. Paul PM)
5 Innerscene Smell

6 Shot in the Back
7 II looveeyoouu!
8 Dubrat
9 Sexy Holiday
10 Clownwhorewar
11 Halucinacion