Artist: Puyo Puyo
Title: A New Trick Item
Format: 12" EP
Catalog: gr2011
Release Date: 2003
Order: stora

The friendly Frenchman from Nantes presents his robotical debut, a playful mixture of disco, computer pop and Residents similar harmonie shifts. In "Melodie en sous sol" melancholical frequencies rain into unsealed ears. "Life is simple" is the philosophie of a closed electric circuit. Supersmashburner "Play Skip Stop" (mp3 here!) survives with only the instructions for a CD player. Puyos aphoristic texts flash pure life energy, the laughing automat crushes all misery. Wacky freaky and most of the time happy.
Pascal Le Brain, requoting the punkband Clash, states : I fought the low-fi and the low-fi won.


1 Play Skip Stop
2 We are never growing
3 Sundae, Bloody Sundae
4 Life is simple

5 Melodie en sous sol
6 Do the Puyo Puyo
7 Boo Ooh
8 Stroke, Haitken & Rothman

Technikart (FR) December 2003
Surreal Sound (FR) December 2003
Atome (FR) January 2004