Artist: Pete Um
Title: No Pressure
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: gr2018
Release Date: March 2008 
Order: stora

Pete Um, a breeder of horses whose music has been described as the sort of thing that sounds wrong whatever speed you play it at, had already created a proud number of tracks scattered over a series of CD-Rs, a 7“ and a Split LP, when he happened to run into the talent scouts of Gagarin Records in a small pub of his hometown Cambridge. The fateful encounter set the clock ticking for a release but it would be five years before the essence of Um's vast output was distilled into a flock of 18 tracks that now dazzle silvery on this very record. The sleeve of „No Pressure“ was created by Antwerp's infamous punk painter Dennis Tyfus and printed in phosphor green, gold and bronze on thick cardboard – a measure that nearly went beyond the scope of the budget.


1 Soul Bruise
2 The God of war
3 The Guru let me down
4 Norwegian Blues
5 Day 2 Loukas in Mulch
6 The Loukas Extract
7 Crop Destroyer
8 If you speak my real name
9 The social astronaut

10 Holy Fire (Candie Hank Remix)
11 The Man's Got Me Beat
12 Eyes
13 Drunk Ghost
14 Wriggle On
15 I Can't Take Care Of Myself
16 Givemethatrandomdspboy
17 Indigenous Craftsman
18 Um For Free

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