Artist: Felix Kubin & Pia Burnette
Title: Detached From All Objects
Format: CD/12" LP/Download
Catalog: gr2019
Release Date: 30.11.2007
Order: stora

Spies and voyeurs of the Culture Scene may have already noticed: the surfacing of the name from Felix Kubin and his peripheral pop music which has lately been taking on an increasing perplexing dimension. To cause confusion at its finest is the most important from numerous orders, the cultural despot and nudist despiser, Kubin has to offer. Enthusiastically, he fights his fight as Juri Gagarin's emissary against the forces of gravity, for the liberation of enlightened harmonies from the dungeons of the market economy. After six nonstop years Kubin has reunited with Pia Burnette for the release of their second album "Detached from all Objects"; an electronic song album submerged in treacherous waters. Pia Burnette proves even within the darkest lit of bars her irresistible charm shines on through. She writes her songs upon her magical vocal chords and looks back on a squiggled musical past in diverse formations – Mausi Sisters, Electro Sun, etc. Her lyrics are of afternoon ravings blowing through a small secluded room filled with poison arrows, blood and complex mathematics.

Burnette and Kubin, the displaced musical dream duo of a totally derailed tradition, are an ideal case. Finally, an album has been created in Germany, which does not orientate itself to the common brew of society's centre. "Detached from all Objects" is almost completely spared from today's hysteria and is more foreboding and distorted as their first album "Tesla's Aquarium". They operate with great pleasure in dissecting the vast possibilities of the song formats without losing any of the clarity. Relentless opposite the world, the two artists have a surprisingly optimistic attitude of themselves. "Eure Qual ist unser Quell" (Your agony is our source) exemplifies the – despite his fantasies of downfall and his heavy head burden caused by the weight of all the cultural medals - the keyboard virtuoso Kubin truly is. He works as always - because he is a traditionalist - with storical analog machines, organ instruments and with sessile affections to the 60s Electronsc Scene, "Geniale Dilletanten", Franz Lambert and Neuer Krach. He utilises - because he is not a stamp breeder - filters, samplers and auto suggestive snips to form the music around Pia Burnette's heart. Kubin performs without intrusion behind Burnette's voice and for that he is granted pure artistic freedom. The listener is rewarded with Kubinistic style of solo entertainer swing with a touch of early EBM, psychedelic art therapy songs up to noise poetry of ending hi-tech laboratories in the presence of melancholy organ harmonies.

Pia Burnette's voice is on the exterior lucid and on the interior convoluted, sometimes ironically seductive or other times subtly aggressive. It is sometimes stated that she in some respect has a tendency to dark dramatics but for that she is too complex to be placed in a specific corner. If one could combined the styles of Diamanda Galas and Kate Bush including urban understatement, one could then perhaps have some orientation of the voice of Pia Burnette.
The title of the new album "Detached from all Objects" in itself clearly states what this work is about – it stands on its own without subjection. Have a listen and feel its independence.

- Reznicek


1 Boats In The Bedroom
2 Family
3 Pareto-optimal Solution
4 Traumtransmission
5 Health Surface

6 Antitank
7 Autopilot
8 Prime Quality Heart
9 Six Years Square
10 Lucid In Manhattan

CD bonus track

11 When You've Become A Star

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