Artist: Vernon & Burns
Title: The Light At The End Of The Dial
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: gr2023
Release Date: 27.01.2010
Order: stora

Want bespoke jingles for your commercial productions? Require pre-tailored musical solutions for your dramatic creations? Need them quickly and cheaply? Here's the answer.

In The Light at the End of the Dial, Vernon & Burns offer 14 exciting multi-use modular selections of mood and tempo in the most contemporary idioms to suit a wide range of productions and products, engineered for complete editing flexibility. Music precision-crafted for plastic expression with the following themes and applications:

Documentary, reportage, news, sport, technical, scientific, criminal, corporate, adventure, murder, horror, terror, thriller, error, science-fiction, action, chase, high-drama, low-comedy, ultraviolence, strange, exotic, erotic, neurotic, narcotic, psychedelic, psychiatric, bureaucratic, tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral, scene individable, or poem unlimited. Many other genres too numerous to list!

Previously used in these cinematic and theatrical scenes:

Romance between a woman and a vague idea from ‘Sex Life of an Amplifier', chase scene on the rooftop of a doll's house from ‘Slapstick Chiropodist', shoot-out at a love-in from ‘Cannibal Cocktail Party' and modest orgy for puppets (maximum three) from ‘The Amnesiac Ventriloquist'.

From reviews of ‘The Tune the Old Cow Died of' (GR 2012):

“They have some great sounds, strong ideas about juxtaposition, and use them in a very winning way… Whilst not setting themselves up as 'proper' experimenters along the order of Luc Ferrari or Bernard Parmegiani, this duo can often be more bold or daring than any establishment electro-acoustic musician." - Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector

“Together they splice real life audio recordings into small radio plays… Tramps on a bench, the music outside a disco or a walk in the snow. But these real life recordings have been altered, changed and added to, so that a small musical story becomes alive …small fascinating journeys”. - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly


1 A Touch of the Vapours
2 The Menus in My Mind
3 Residual Values (It's a Yes Man's Life)
4 Here Come the Intangibles
5 While My Pretty One Sleeps
6 The Night We Invented Forgetting

7 The Last Lamppost
8 Breakneck Etiquette
9 Time Amok
10 Modern Sequence
11 Grandsire Triples
12 Spontaneous Adverse Experience Report
13 Naughty Boy
14 A Minding

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