Brezel Goering / Barom One

Brezel Göring: Kunst kommt wieder von nichts können

Mainly influenced by the "Geniale Dilettanten"-Movement (that took place in 83 in Berlin) his own music that can be described as:
less replaced by nearly nothing,
subhygenic when it comes to soundqualitiy,
messy childrens-playroom,
no business for weak nerves,
Höllengelächter und wundersamer Kinderchor,
I amused myself well, but below my niveau,
I can’t say more about it, because I am no doctor.

B.G. started with the Sigmund Freud Experience („the final solution of the music question“, 3 records of 100 copies between 87 and 89)

In 94 Brezel Göring started together with Francoise Cactus the band Stereo Total ( french-german rock-a-billy garage electronic duo).

Music for theatre plays and films.

In 2001 Gagarin Records Brezel Göring: Bad News from the stars

2003 he changed his name into Erstkommunion (First communion, a charakter in Genets „ Notre Dame des Fleurs“) and plays with the band Echokrank (Mach nervös, was dich nervös macht)