Entertaining Physics

as retro*sex*galaxy:

zajmujaca fizyka
(cdr. mik.musik.!. 2000, other cdr version as "entertaining physics" on open circuit staalplaat/nl)
(cdr, mik.musik, 2001)
with ksawery kaliski
(digital video) - mistakes in geography (cdr, mik.musik crisis series, 2002)
le bootlegue parisien
(official bootleg, 2002)
the dreams of Tall buildings vs digital etah vs r*s*g - concrete steps
(cdr, mik.musik crisis series, 2003)
with bolly and netto - time is rupee and love costs nothing
(cdr, mik.musik crisis series, 2003)
entertaining physics/physik macht spass
(remastered reissue vinyl LP, gagarin records, 2003)

as wojt3k kucharczyk:
(cdr, mik.musik even more special series, 2001)
making love with cdr
(cdr, mik.musik complimentary to even more special series, 2001)
birds were beyond my control, complete miami recordings, vol_one
(cdr, mikimal release, 2003)
pathman (with wojt3k kucharczyk on percussion and electronics):


(cdr, mik.musik crisis series 2002)