The Tune The Old Cow Died Of

Vernon & Burns
12 inch EP
Order at Stora: gr2012
About Vernon & Burns

Edition: 350 copies in screen print cover, designed by MIK.thesign - Polish handcraft in disharmonic order. This is a collection that will appeal mainly to the absent-minded coterie. All the sounds of fun and fear are here. How does a disko club sound from outside? How do you stop a tape at the right position? Have you ever listened to some tramps singing in the park? The answers to these questions can be found in the marvellous music of these two Scottish tape-musicians who are equipped with a fine sense of poetic humour. File under vaudioville, varičté concrete, documentary forgery, unsound art, whorespiel, blunderphonics, (not of this) world music, imaginary soundtreks, unimaginative soundtracks, lower case, lower class, lower quality, lower prices hurry hurry now while stocks last!!!