Handmade in the Monasteries of Nepal

Ergo Phizmiz
LP, released August 2008
Order at Stora: gr2021

mp3 Construct of the Automaton
mp3 Ladies and Gentlemen
mp3 Overture My little Bamboo down on the Bimbo Isle
About Ergo Phizmiz

Ergo Phizmiz (UK) is able to play almost any existing instrument or its respective toy model. This great LP on Gagarin Records combines two completely different EPs in one album, hence the two titles.
Thus quoth the artist:
"Handmade in the Monasteries of Nepal"(side A) was created using the sounds of my own mouth. Almost all the words are stolen from various sources, because I lacked literary imagination. Included are lyrics from lady's magazines, Alfred Jarry, William Blake, and classic 90's pop. The idea of "Eloise My Dolly"(side B) was fuelled my a lifelong infatuation with the girl in Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang when she disguises herself as a mechanical doll and dances for the Baron. The gross result was that for most of my life I wanted to be Dick Van Dyke, the net result was this audio-operetta.