The Scorpions Studio Outtakes 1-6, 7-15

Spiders On Phasing
12 inch LP
Press on The Scorpions Studio Outtakes 1-6, 7-15

“Whatever happened to the Scorpions when they started experimenting with electronic music?” is a question you may have never asked yourself. Even Juri Gagarin himself has to admit: This record is confusing. Side A starts with 10 short tracks ranging from clickclack disko to depressed protone music to noise collage to Dr. Phibes tunes. Side B contains deranged German singing accompanied by psychedelic automatic rhythm partners. To talk about the cover is much too confusing, says Juri. This is a perfect present for confused people you don't trust, like Jesus or your Mother. The music has been created by three notorious Noise Jockeys from Hamburg.