Brezel Göring / Barom One

Brezel Göring / Barom One
12 inch LP
Order at Stora: gr2007
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Split LP of Brezel Göring and Japanese noise pop band BAROM ONE. Göring, prime minister of Stereo Total and Count of Sinister Forests, where he creates his wacky scratchy minimal electro punk, pleases our filthy fantasies with swinging moods, from new wave disko to distorted hawaii shuffle to fucked up Bollywood crash music. Barom One from Tokio create a blend of Euro-Disko-Gabba-Trash and pure noise with hysteric voices and catchy melodies.
“Das ist eine anstrengende Schallplatte, Felix” says Francoise Cactus on the bus. Nothing to calm down when you need peace and silence.